Smoking Hot Girlfriend Photo Shoot –

Hi! I just wanted to mention that I just had a photo shoot with  2 of the hottest girls I know!  Yes and it was awesome!!!  I’ll share more details later and maybe a sample photo if I can get one. : )

A Huge thank you to one of our newest sponsors for letting us use his place as a shoot location and for taking such amazing care of us!!!  Thank you so much!!!

Everyone have a fabulous weekend!  I’ll be back later.


Aly Milph


Check it out

If ya get a chance, check it out, over at free ones….

: )


Aly Milf

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More Hot photo’s & videos –

A quick note to say HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!!!

I am out the door to a photo shoot. I’m turning up the heat at – I’m talkin WAY UP!!! Be sure and check my site  when ya get a chance. Also I’d love your participation in the poll I have posted – TELL ME WHAT YA WANT – DON’T BE SHY….


Aly Milf

PS  A Very Happy Mothers day goes out to all you fellow mommies  out there! ; )

PSS A few photos for ya.

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I’m Shooting this week!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday.  : )  Just a quick note to let you know I have shoots scheduled this week. So that means more ultra hot ass photos are on the way, soon to be posted at  AND I’ve got a little something extra going on, that, well lets just say you wont be disappointed…..More on that later…….

Wednesday’s shoot is with the ever so yummy, Jada Liu, of!  It’s gonna be one HOT production!  Hmmm, I think I’ll take some behind the scenes photos and I’ll share them with you here real soon. Jada & I love playing around and taking pictures of our sexy selves, what can I say.. ; )

Have a wonderful week.

Take care,

Aly Milf

sample photos from my latest update

Here are a few samples from one of my latest hot photo sets!  You can catch the entire set at!


Aly Milf

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My newest web site update –

Hot ass photo update at – photos taken at a shoot in Vegas.  Also, please be sure and take my poll. I’m wanna know what YOU want! ; )

Have a fantastic weekend!

Aly Milf

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Another HOTTIE girlfriend – new website up & running

YAY! My hot little girlfriend, Isis, just launched her sexy new website! Check it out when you get a chance. Isis is young, exotic, hot & Horny! Oh and don’t let that young little innocent look fool you…..she’s as NAUGHTY as they come! ; ) Trust me, I know!

Way to go Isis! Cant wait to see ya next week at the photo shoot.

Aly Milf

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reminder – another favorite site!

Hey you guys, I want to remind you of  another favorite site of mine. You’ll love this one, especially if you’re into football! You’ll find pretty much anything you want to know about football in the pages of this killer website.  No need to wait until football season starts, check it out NOW.  You’ll get  up to date info & stats on this seasons teams,  players & injury reports, as well as the best handicappers  & NFL picks, fantasy football and more!

This site offers something  that you won’t find on most other serious football websites – HOT CHICKS.  At football and Chicks, you’re able to check out some seriously hot chicks,  if you so desire!  For the record, these aren’t just any hot chicks, they’re hot chicks who are into football! The “director”   has hand-picked football’s hottest fans, to grace the pages of this site!   These football worthy hotties actually dig football and support their favorite teams and  proudly represent this site as the 32 hottest fans!

Aly Milf!

PS GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!

Milf with the Most!

The milph with the Most!

Gotta love this magazine!

I always seem to find myself browsing around this place.  It’s become one of my favorite web sites these days. Its filled with so many killer,cool, cutting edge  gadgets & more to check out.  (and COME ON – ya gotta love the name, right?  ; ) ( I want one of these!!!)

Woo Hoo – spring is here!  : )

Talk to ya soon.


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Happy St Patricks Day to all!  Be sure & wear that green!  Or perhaps not! ; )  Some of us like a lil pinch now & then, right.

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